AP Meebhoomi 2024 – View 1B, Adangal, Village Map, E-Passbook, @meebhoomi.ap.gov.in

Meebhoomi, an online portal launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, has revolutionized the way land records are maintained and accessed in the state. Meebhoomi literally translates to ‘Your Earth’ in Telugu, and true to its name, the portal gives citizens easy access to their land records.

What is Meebhoomi?

Launched by the Andhra Pradesh State Government, Meebhoomi is a digital initiative aimed at maintaining and providing easy access to land records in the state. The portal serves as a single-window for various services related to land ownership and management.

The introduction of the Meebhoomi portal has brought about numerous benefits for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased transparency in land transactions.
  • Easy access to land records from anywhere and at any time.
  • Reduced dependency on manual records and government offices.
  • Efficient resolution of land-related disputes and grievances.

Land Records Services Available on Meebhoomi

Here is an overview of the land records you can access on Meebhoomi:

  • Your Adangal/Village Adangal
  • Me 1B/ Village 1B
  • Your LP Map/FMB/Village Map
  • Aadhaar Linking Status
  • Electronic Passbook Download
  • Table of Village Land Disputes
  • Other Land Records

Meebhoomi is an initiative launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and managed by the Department of Revenue, Andhra Pradesh. Its goal is to provide easy access to 1B Adangal, Village Map, Mutation, E-Passbook (FMB), and other land records.

How to Access Land Records on Meebhoomi?

For obtaining comprehensive land records in Andhra Pradesh, the first step is to head to the Meebhoomi official website. This online portal is equipped with a wide array of land-related documents, including 1-బి అడంగల్, village maps, e-passbook status, Field Measurement Books (FMB), details on land conversions, and other related records.

Procedure to Access 1-బి అడంగల్

  • Entering Land Specifics: Choose your district, mandal, and village to locate your land. Select the ‘Adangal‘ land record option. For this example, let’s pick ‘One Khata Number’. Fill in the number and captcha, then proceed by clicking submit.
Land Record AP
  • Retrieving and Printing Adangal Details: The Adangal report will present various aspects such as land area, water resources, account and pattadaru numbers, among others. Printing this report for documentation purposes is an option.
AP Land Record

Steps to Check 1B or Village 1B Records

  • Input of Land Information: Similar to the previous process, this time opting for ROR-1B land record. Complete the form with the necessary details and captcha, and submit your request.
Village 1B Records
  • Accessing and Printing the 1B Report: The 1B report will provide insights including the landholder’s name, Khata number, survey numbers, descriptions of the land, and mutation dates. This report is also available for print.

Locating Village Maps and FMB Records

  • Finding Land Details: Select your district, mandal, and village for accessing FMB Maps land record. Decide between ‘One Khata Number’ or a complete ‘Village Map’.
Village Maps and FMB Records
  • Viewing the Village Map: This feature offers a detailed representation of the land areas within your selected village.

Downloading Electronic Passbooks

  • Land and Account Detail Submission: Specify your location and account number. If your mobile number is registered with your account, you can proceed to the next step.
  • E-Passbook Retrieval: After entering the OTP sent to your registered mobile, you can access and verify the land details in your electronic passbook.
Downloading Electronic Passbooks

Aadhaar Linking Status Verification

  • Providing Necessary Data: Post selecting your location, use your account and Aadhaar numbers to check the status of Aadhaar linking.
Aadhaar Linking Status Verification
  • Inspecting Linking Status: This functionality allows you to confirm the status of your Aadhaar linkage with your land account.
Aadhaar Linking Status

Investigating Land Disputes in Villages

  • Detailing Land Information: Choose your specific location and enter the survey number to inquire about potential land disputes.
  • Analyzing Dispute Data: The platform reveals information such as dispute ID, court types, current status, and details of the parties involved, which is also printable for record-keeping.


The Meebhoomi portal represents a significant step towards digitization and transparency in land record management in Andhra Pradesh. By providing easy access to land records and related services, the portal has simplified the process of land management for the citizens of the state.